Training log - week ending 2021-06-27

Key stats

Discipline Duration Distance
Swim 1:55 7950 yd
Bike 6:09 109 mi
Run 2:53 19.5 mi
Total 10:57 133 mi


Slightly lower volume week, due to a brick zone test on Thursday.

20km bike TT (Tempus Fugit on Zwift) - 00:28:24. The Kickr measured 300W avg power, 310W max 20min power. Garmin Ventor pedals measured slightly lower at 305W max 20min power. I’ll take the lower number and adopt the corresponding new FTP of 290W (+4%).

5km run TT - 00:19:53, but this isn’t totally legitimate. I felt strong through the first 11 laps, on track to finish under 20 minutes for the first time, when I started cramping on my side. Made it through another half lap but the cramp got really intense and I had to stop. Took a few minutes to recover, then finished out the final lap doing my best to match my pace from earlier. So this isn’t a proper result, but overall I do think it’s representative.